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The Amaaaaazing Pam Grout...

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  • Angie Hakner

    Fantastic interview Helen ❤️

  • Beth Tomasovic

    WOW! This interview is amazing! Everyone should watch it!

    • Oooh the comments are working – Thank you Beth… glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Kathryn313

    Oh my gosh… You both give me hope again… I have manifested but never enough to get ahead… I have been so overwhelmed by the hundreds of YouTube video’s I am lost… I have no budget for extras… but I am positive it’s about to change for me… Great interview, great story… Thank you so much… ~ I Believe

    • There is Always Hope Kathryn, remember The Universe Always Has Your Back 🙂 Please do Friend us both 🙂 thank you

  • Kim Williams

    I love the energy from this interview – heading over to Catherine’s website right now. Thanks for bringing this lovely lady into our lives ❤

    • Thank you Kim -So glad you enjoyed it 🙂 We both appreciate your comment 🙂

  • Incredibly cool. I was in a mindset of disbelief and resistance when I read E2 the first time. I’m going to go back and try it again…and the “Thank and Grow Rich” book as well. Thanks for sharing, Helen!

    • You are welcome Rebeccah.. She is an amazing lady 🙂

  • Kenna Faber

    I loved your interview with her, Helen. I just got the book “Thank and Grow Rich” and I’m excited about reading it.

  • Loved the experience. Thank You Helen.

    • Oh the Pleasure was All mine and our audience, Fantastic Story Rui 🙂 Thank you so much

  • Kim Williams

    Rui is such a genuine character! Thank goodness he married Melissa! I love the rags to riches story, but without giving anything away – you have to listen to this! Great job Helen!!

    • I know – incredible story huh Kim 🙂 thankyou I really enjoyed listening to his story..

  • Amazing story, really enjoyed the interview.

    • Thanks Deirdre 😉 appreaciate you stoppng by 🙂

  • Angie Hakner

    What an interesting lady, thanks for sharing this one Helen ❤